New Orleans Charter Bus Rentals and Bus Company

The New Orleans Charters company is a leading provider of transportation services in New Orleans Louisiana. We offer a wide range of bus rentals including motorcoaches and minibuses. Our fleet includes luxury charter buses, motor coaches, mini-buses, party buses and shuttle buses for special events such as weddings and proms.

50 Person Charter Bus Rental New Orleans

Charter Bus Rentals New Orleans Louisiana

We offer a wide range of motorcoaches and minibuses. Our fleet has more than 200 vehicles that can seat up to 50 passengers, making it easy to find the right vehicle for your needs. Whether you want a full-sized bus or just a shuttle bus, we can help. We also rent out smaller vehicles like limos, vans and luxury sedans. As you may know, New Orleans has many cool attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. If you want to take your group on an exciting tour of New Orleans’ best sites then let us provide them with transportation services so they don’t have to worry about driving themselves around town!

Motorcoaches & Minibuses

Motorcoaches and minibuses are a great option for groups or individuals wanting to travel in comfort. Both can accommodate groups of up to 15 people, with motorcoaches being ideal for larger groups. Motorcoaches come in a range of sizes and styles that offer amenities like air conditioning, TV screens, and Wi-Fi internet access. Minibuses provide similar comforts but usually cannot carry more than 15 passengers at once—a good choice if you have smaller number of travelers! It’s important to note that the pricing structure differs between these two types of vehicles: Motorcoaches generally charge by seat while minibuses typically charge by headcount (i.e., how many people are on board).

Bus Rentals Near Me

If you are looking for a charter bus rental in New Orleans Louisiana, look no further than New Orleans Charters. We have been providing reliable and affordable transportation for years. Our fleet of charter buses is always clean and well-maintained, so you can rest assured knowing that your trip will be comfortable and enjoyable. You will also find that our customer service is top-notch. We have a dedicated team of experts ready to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us today! You will also find that our customer service is top-notch. We have a dedicated team of experts ready to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us today! You will also find that our customer service is top-notch.

Why Choose New Orleans Charters?

Every year, thousands of people come to New Orleans for the experience and excitement that only this city can offer. However, many people do not want to deal with transportation from their airport to New Orleans and back again. If you are looking for a way to avoid renting a car, but still want to be able to get around town easily during your trip then looking into charter bus rentals is the best option for you! New Orleans Charters has been providing reliable bus service and we have over 50 buses in our fleet. We offer group rates on all of our vehicles so that no matter how big or small your party is, we can provide transportation that fits your needs perfectly! We also have an onsite customer service center at all times so if there are any questions about scheduling or anything else related specifically towards booking your trip with us then give us a call today!

Luxury Charter Buses

The New Orleans Charters bus company provides luxury motorcoaches, limousines, party buses and minibuses for transportation to and from New Orleans. Our team of industry professionals will work with you to develop the best transportation solution for your group or event. You can choose from a variety of vehicles including: Motorcoaches (40–60 seats), Limousines (4–22 seats), Party buses (26–36 seats), Minibuses are also available for small groups (15–25 passengers).

Charter Bus Pricing Explained

Charter Bus pricing is based on passenger count, distance traveled and time of travel. The number of passengers you are transporting will determine the cost of your charter bus trip. For example, if you have 10 people traveling from New Orleans to Houston on a Sunday afternoon for an event at Reliant Stadium, then it will likely cost less than if you were traveling with 100 people during rush hour traffic on a weekday morning. The distance you are driving will also impact your Charter Bus price quote but not as much as having more or fewer passengers in your party. This is because most charter bus companies charge by the mile so having more miles to cover means higher costs despite the fact that they may not be charging any different amount per person based on those miles driven (unless there are multiple stops involved). If it takes 4 hours for one driver to drive 400 miles with 50 passengers onboard instead of another driver taking 6 hours for 500 miles with 100 passengers onboard due to road conditions or traffic delays along those routes then both trips would be priced similarly because all other factors remain unchanged except one.

Minibus Rentals

If you’re looking to get around New Orleans Louisiana, a minibus rental is the best way to do it. Minibuses are great because they are more comfortable than buses and vans. They have seats that recline, so you can take advantage of the scenery as well as sleep comfortably on your trip. There are two main types of minibus rentals: charter and private. Charter means that a company owns its fleet of vehicles, whereas private means that an individual owns her or his own vehicle(s). Both charter and private minibus rentals can be booked online via websites like ours!

Mini Bus Pricing Explained

Mini bus rental in New Orleans is a great option for touring around the city. You can rent mini buses for as little as $150 per hour and they are fully equipped with amenities to make your trip comfortable. The average cost of a mini bus in New Orleans depends on factors such as the time of day, where you’re going, and how long you plan to stay there. Mini buses are also available with different seating capacities ranging from 12-40 passengers depending on your travel needs.

Motorcoaches For Hire

If you are looking for a coach bus or motorcoach rental service in New Orleans, Louisiana, we can help you. We offer charter bus and motorcoach rental services throughout the United States. Our fleet includes both passenger and cargo buses with capacities ranging from 26 to 100 seats. We provide airport transportation services from New Orleans International Airport (MSY) to all major cities within the U.S. In addition to airport transport for sport teams and school bus rentals for perfect school trips as well as government charter bus rentals.

Motorcoach Pricing Explained

Motorcoach pricing is one of the most confusing aspects of bus travel. We’ll explain it all and make sure you feel confident in your decision to book a motorcoach. The first thing to understand is that the price of your fare isn’t influenced by distance, so whether you’re traveling across town or across the country, your fare will be equal. However, not all motorcoaches are created equally! Some coaches offer extra perks like WiFi or reclining seats while others don’t offer these benefits at all; some coaches also have more legroom than others which can make a big difference if you’re tall or need space for other luggage after boarding. When shopping for a motorcoach ticket online, look closely at which amenities are included with each coach type before selecting which one sounds best for you. You’ll want the best value for your money!

Charter Bus Rental Services

The charter bus rental services at our company allow clients to transport large groups of people from one place to another.

Airport Transportation

We offer airport transportation from New Orleans to your hotel or home. We can pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your destination when it’s time for your trip to end. We also provide transportation for guests who need to be picked up from the airport and taken to their hotel, or even just around town! If you have any luggage that needs transporting, we are able to accommodate this as well. We’ll make sure that everything is packed safely so that no damage occurs during transit—and if there is a pet with you on the trip, we will take care of them too!

Coach Bus Transport For Sport Teams

If you’re the coach of a sports team, charter buses are an excellent way to transport your players to away games. A charter bus is a great way to travel in style, comfort and luxury. There are many reasons why it might be best for your sports team to opt for using these vehicles over traditional methods of transportation. One reason is because they will arrive at their destination on time every time if there aren’t any delays along the way. Another reason why it’s important for coaches to consider using these types of vehicles whenever possible is because it helps them save money by having fewer stops along the way or by not having any delays at all after leaving New Orleans Charters headquarters at all! This can also allow teams from other schools who may have similar schedules during certain times throughout each season which would otherwise make things difficult if not impossible when trying something else instead such as flying since there will be no room left once everyone has boarded one plane together with their own luggage already checked in beforehand so now what? Well maybe try thinking outside yourself first before making decisions like this next time around instead; just think about how much easier things could’ve gone if only someone had thought ahead instead!

School Bus Rentals For Perfect School Trips

School buses are an excellent choice for school trips. They offer comfort, convenience and safety for students on their way to and from field trips and other events. Many schools have been renting school buses for years now because they know how much of a difference the right vehicle can make in the lives of their students. School bus rentals in New Orleans LA offer many benefits that help make each ride better than the last.

Government Charter Bus Rentals

Government agencies are always looking for ways to save money and be more efficient. One way they can do this is by using charter buses instead of regular buses or trains.Government agencies use charter buses for many different types of events and transportation, including: Traveling to conventions, conferences, and other events, Transportation between cities and states.

Book Corporate Travel Coach Buses

You can book your corporate travel coach buses in 3 simple steps with us. Choose from our various packages and pricing options: Coach Buses to New Orleans Louisiana (1-49 people): $2100 per trip, booked one day before departure Coaches for 50-100 people: $2200 per trip, 2 days before departure Pay securely online using your credit card or PayPal account: We will confirm your booking within 24 hours of receiving payment and email you all the details! Repeat customers will enjoy a 5% discount off future bookings made through our site – just let us know when making the booking that you’ve used us before so we can apply this when processing payment!!

Prom and Formal Shuttle Service

If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to go to prom, then it’s time for you to start planning all of your transportation options. A shuttle service is a great way to get around town and can be used for more than just prom and formals. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, we offer our various types of shuttles at incredibly low prices! Here are some things that will help you decide which one is right for you: The Prom/Formal Shuttle – This bus comes with seating inside and air conditioning so that no matter what time of year it is outside, everyone on board will stay comfortable while they ride along in style. We also provide free snacks during your journey so that no one has any excuse not to eat their vegetables when they get home (or maybe just because it tastes good). The Limo Bus – If you want even more luxury than our standard “Prom/Formal” buses but don’t have enough money left over after paying tuition fees (or rent), then this option might be right up your alley! It includes everything from soft leather seats upholstered with real fur instead of faux fur: there’s no better way for teens like yourself who still haven’t mastered dressing themselves properly without assistance from mommy dearest.

Easy Transportation For Greek Events in Motorcoaches

Greek events are a great way to get to know your fraternity or sorority. It’s also a great way to meet new people, so make sure you’re prepared for the event before you go! The buses from New Orleans Charters will take you there and back without any problems, giving you plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

Affordable Homecoming Bus Rentals

You want to make your homecoming or any other event you are planning memorable and special. One of the best ways to do this is through renting a bus for your guests. This will allow them to arrive at the venue in style and with ease, as well as allowing them to leave in style once it has finished. You won’t have to worry about whether or not everyone will be able to come, because we have enough buses so that everyone will be able to come! We also provide all the necessary equipment needed on board so that no one needs any further preparation apart from their clothes and other items they may wish bring along with them.

Travel Comfortably With Pub Crawl Minibuses

There’s nothing worse than being on a bus with strangers, especially when you’re traveling as a group. If you’ve got a group of friends or family that wants to go on vacation together, then public transportation can be the perfect solution. The Pub Crawl Minibuses are large enough for up to 15 passengers and come complete with comfortable seating, air conditioning and even WiFi so your group can stay connected while on their travels.

Ongoing Employee Shuttle Bus Service

Ongoing employee shuttle service is available for members of the public. This means that you can go from New Orleans Charter’s home at the Port of New Orleans to any location within city limits or along the lakefront, including destinations such as:

  • The French Quarter
  • The Warehouse District
  • Downtown and Canal Street

Steps To Rent Your Bus

Here are the steps to rent your bus: Call us. We can help you decide what type of bus is best for your group, and answer any questions you have about renting a charter bus in New Orleans. Book online. You can book your charter bus rental online with us. You’ll find all of our rates, pickup and drop off information, packages, driver’s details and more right there on our website.

Attractions in New Orleans Louisiana

French Quarter-The French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. It’s filled with sites to see, including Jackson Square, which features a statue of Andrew Jackson and St. Louis Cathedral. The square also has a large fountain where you can cool off on a hot day. If you’re visiting during Mardi Gras season, be sure not to miss it! You can find a number of shops and restaurants around this area as well as at Canal Street where there are many street performers who will keep your attention while you explore the city.

Audubon Park-Audubon Park is another great spot for sightseeing in New Orleans because it offers scenic views both above ground and below ground! You can take an underground tour through the Louisiana State Museum’s Aquarium Building which includes exhibits about Louisiana’s rich history from prehistoric times up until today’s modern world. Then after exploring underground spaces like this one (or if time allows), visit some above ground attractions such as Audubon Zoo or Audubon Aquarium near City Park Avenue exit off Uptown/Magazine Street Loyola Avenue service road).

Airports We Service in New Orleans Louisiana

  • New Orleans International Airport (MSY)
  • Louis Armstrong International Airport (BTR)
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS)
  • New Orleans Lakefront Airport (NEW)

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